• My friend and legendary photographer Tim Zimmerman ( @fotomaxizoomdweebie ) challenged me to dig up color film from the skate archive for the next 5 days. Here’s an ollie over to back lip, one of the first photos I ever shot of @ryanedspencer back around 2007/2008. It’s rad to look at this photo now, a few days after he turned pro. My how the time flies. 🍻

  • Sifting through it all for #SelectedPress, a show featuring @kevin__barnett , @ryanedspencer and myself, masterminded by @janelleohhh . September 13th in Long Beach—stay tuned for specifics.

  • I just updated my website with a new portfolio about skateboard manufacturing in China.  It was such an amazing experience to watch something I’ve been around my whole life be created in front of my eyes.  Many thanks to Eric Sentianin, Luke Callahan, Mike Stanfield and all the great and hospitable people at the DSM factory in Shenzhen.